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Markie Moose Lottery Ticket Scratchers

These scratchers look great and just might bring you luck! Each comes complete with a lucky penny. Add it to your key chain, wear it as a necklace or just stash it in your pocket or purse for LUCK. Quality made in USA.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: A scratcher from and a scratch ticket from your local lottery!

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Money Bags
Knows how to get rich!

StandMooseScratcherP Bull Moose
Carry the power of the moose in your pocket.
fantasy Steampunk Style jewelry
by Mark Eliot Schwabe
(a.k.a. Markie Moose)

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Light your way to cash.

SailBoat Sail Boat
Scratch your way to smooth sailing.
Wise way to winning.
ScratchCatScratcher_P Scratch Cat
Claw your way to winning!

Miss CAT
Classy, sassy and rich. She is a winner! Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal in her ring.

Retirement Plan
We could all use a little supplement.

My Bailout
Says it all!

HorseShoeScratcher_P Horse Shoe
It brought Seabiscuit luck. Why not you?

4 Leaf Clover
Rare but brings luck to the finder.

V-Twim Motorcycle Engine
Ride your way to winning.
Claw your way to winning with this crustacean.
Mermaid Mermaid
She is your lady luck.
MMScratcherP Markie Moose
Markie Moose is sitting on a pile of money, dressed to the nines ready to party!
Moose Head
This great beast might win for you!
Could be your way to a cool fortune.
LUCK-Scratcher_P LUCK
Thought we’d spell it out for you:
good LUCK!
GreenCloverScratcher Green Clover
It's good to be green, and lucky! Individually hand painted.
College Fund
Could be your way to higher learning.
PirateScratcher Pirate
Shiver me timbers, I'll find the treasure.
PirateShipScratcher Pirate Ship
Sail away to Treasure Island.
Croakin good fun.
Lucky Dog
Some dogs are JUST LUCKY!

Sitting Cat
Knows the secret to winning.

DragonScratcher_P Dragon scratcher
Mythical guardian of treasure.

Leap your way to riches.

SeaHorse Sea Horse
Ride this mount to riches.

Anchor your fortune.

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All Designs are © Mark Eliot Schwabe and Quality made in the USA.

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